I used to have a password for your previous website — will it work here as well?

No, your old password will not work, however we will send you an email with a link to reset a new password for the new website. If you have not yet received an email to change your password, please email us now, and let us know you need one.

Searching for Parts

What is the best way to search for parts?

There are four ways to find product on Partsnow.com:

1. The upper right hand corner search bar allows you to enter a part number, or any portion of the part number, a brand name, product name or term associated with your part.

2. Shop – this features catalog drop downs by categories like printers, copiers or computer parts.

3. Model Search tool – just enter brand, series or model in the center of the home page

4. Browse products by category at the bottom of the home page

If the results are your search are too big, you can always narrow it by using the specifications listed on the left-hand side of your results page.

What is the deadline for placing an order?

Orders received by 6 p.m. CST will be processed and shipped that day. However, due to connection problems or variances, orders submitted near the deadline may not be received by 6 p.m. CST. To ensure your order is shipped the same day, please place it as early in the day as possible.

Is there a minimum order?

All orders must total at least $50 or they will be subject to a minimum order charge of up to $20. Orders placed through PartsNow.com, or utilizing our EDI services such as E-Automate, will not be subject to the minimum order charge.

Do I get a confirmation of my order?

Yes. A confirmation will be emailed to you upon successfully submitting an order. A second email will be sent once your order is picked, packed and shipped giving you the tracking number.  You can also check the “Order History” to view status and previously placed orders.

What shipping options are available and how do they work?

Below is a table that shows when your package will arrive, depending on which shipping method (FedEx or UPS) you use. All Web orders placed before 6 p.m. CST will be shipped the same day.


Method                                            Shipment will arrive by:

Priority Overnight                         Next day – usually morning

Standard Overnight                     Next day – afternoon

Economy 2nd Day                           2nd Day

Express Saver                                 3rd Day


Method                                            Shipment will arrive by:

Next Day Red                                 Next day – usually morning

Red Next Day Air Saver              Next day – afternoon

Blue Early AM                                 2nd Day – usually morning

Blue                                                    2nd Day – afternoon

3-Day Select Orange                    3rd Day

Ground                                             Varies by region, but normally 2-5 days

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Customer Administration

How to manage multiple users(roles)?

The website is set up to help organizations that allow ordering by a number of employees to control that process effectively. This is done by assigning ‘roles’ to users by the customer. Role types vary in their authority. For instance, users may be added as a Shopper, which allows them access to part and availability information. Shoppers may also enter orders, but cannot approve or check out their carts. Any order placed by a Shopper needs to be approved by a Customer Administrator.

Users may also be set up in an ‘Accounting’ role. In this role, users are able to see RMA’s, order statuses, past orders or invoices, and are also able to see part information. Users who need access to more functions may be set up in a ‘Purchaser’ role. These users have all the rights of the Shopper and Accounting roles, but are also able to approve their own carts and perform order checkout duties. By default, all users are originally set up by the system as Purchaser unless otherwise specified.

Finally, users may be setup as ‘Customer Administrators,’ which provides the same access and rights as the Purchaser but also allows user setup. In this process, the Customer Administrator may add, update and delete users, as well as assign them to specific roles. If you need a user set up as a Customer Administrator, please contact your account representative at (800) 886-6688.

How to manage shopping lists

You have the ability to create up to 50 shopping lists, which you can use to keep track of items frequently ordered, or to track items for a particular project, division or purchase order.  You can also share the lists with others via email.  Shopping lists are limited to 20 lists per page.  You can copy the list as a new list if needed.  You can search your shopping lists by keyword, list name and purchase order number.  You can add your shopping list items to the cart individually, or you can add the entire list to cart with one click.  You can also sort the order data based on any attributes displayed on the page.  Build a new shopping list by clicking the shopping lists icon in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

How to manage multiple shipping addresses

If you are setup as a Customer Administrator, you will have the ability to manage shipping addresses. To perform shipping address maintenance, click on ‘My Account’ in the upper right-hand corner of any screen. Then click Address Book from the drop down menu.  This will bring up the screen that allows address maintenance to be performed. Addresses may be named for easy access during check out time.




Looking for information on a device?  Maintenance kit instructions? Diagrams?  Our Resources tab is where you need to click.  Here you can find Drivers, Firmware, Software/Manuals, Guides and Instructions/Printer and Part Diagrams, Fuser ID’s / Production Print information.  Please make sure to login to your account so you gain access to all of our helpful resources.